Embroidered and Chenille Patches for Letterman Varsity Jackets, Mascot Patches, USA, UK, Canada

Mascot Patches

Mascot Patches

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Mascot Patches: Assurance of best quality patches.


Every great varsity jacket and school uniform or corporate uniform needs a custom mascot. With lots of designs available in different-different color combinations, All emblems or mascot are made with a single, double or triple layer of high-quality felt and chenille yarn / embroidery. Mascots are measured from the longest point (either top to bottom or side to side). Chenille mascots represents the logos , activities and lots more and we take special care while manufacturing these patches so that even a minute details should not be missed.


Mascot Patches Specifications:

  • These Mascot Patches can be made in any size and design.
  • Patches can be designed with your group, organization or company logo .
  • These patches are washable.
  • Easy dry-cleanable.
  • Patches are shrink-proof.
  • Extremely durable


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