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Activity patches

Activity patches

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Activity patches: Assurance of best quality patches.


Activity patches are a perfect way to proudly display athletic achievements or school honor for every level of participation and each type of sport or activity. The most popular activity patches: Basketball, Fencing, Band, Cheerleader, Golf, Softball, and football. Choose from a variety of sports, ranging from football to weightlifting, track to cheerleading, or volleyball among others. Custom Activity patches will beautifully display student participation and achievement.
These patches are associated with sports , Teams, music , academics and we do justice to these patches by creating the right shapes , postures so that they look excellent .


Activity patches Specifications:

  • These Activity patches can be made in any size and design.
  • Patches can be designed with your group, organization or company logo .
  • These patches are washable.
  • Easy dry-cleanable.
  • Patches are shrink-proof.
  • Extremely durable


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